Planning Applications Reference:17/05123/AR

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Type of Application:Advertisement Consent
Status:Pending Consideration
Address of Proposal:Shaw Trust, 36 Moorland Road, Oldfield Park, Bath, BA2 3PN
Proposal:Display of 1x internally illuminated fascia and 1x internally illuminated projecting sign.
Planning Portal Reference Number:PP-06475793
Applicant Name:Bray Consortium Limited
Agent Name:Olympic Sign Services
Agent Address:5 Bradbury Drive, Springwood Industrial Estate, Essex, CM7 2SD
Case Officer Name:Emma Hardy
Date Application Received:20/10/2017
Date Application Validated:20/10/2017
Standard Consultations sent on:30/10/2017
Last advertised on:26/10/2017
Expiry Date for Consultation :16/11/2017
Target Decision Date15/12/2017


ConstraintsAgric Land Class 3b,4,5, Article 4 HMO, HMO Stage 1 Test Area (Stage 2 Test Req), MOD Safeguarded Areas, Policy B4 WHS - Boundary, Policy B4 WHS - Indicative Extent, Policy CP12 Bath City Centre Boundary, Policy CP9 Affordable Housing Zones, SSSI - Impact Risk Zones
Related Property:36 Moorland Road,Oldfield Park,Bath,BA2 3PN.
Related Property:Shaw Trust,36 Moorland Road,Oldfield Park,Bath,BA2 3PN.
Reference Proposal Application Received Status
17/05123/AR .Display of 1x internally illuminated fascia and 1x internally illuminated projecting sign.20/10/2017Pending Consideration

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Name Address Comment type Comment1 Comment2 Comment3 Date
Bath Heritage Watchdog Not Given O View Associated Documents 02/11/2017
John Branston 34 Second Avenue, Oldfield Park, Bath, Bath And North East Somerset, BA2 3NN O 10/11/2017: The proliferation of internally-lit plastic fascia signs would be hugely detrimental to the character and appearance of the Moorland Road shopping area as a whole and to the architectural style & fabric of the individual property. This application should be refused on that basis. 13/11/2017
Jill Herrett 76 West Avenue, Oldfield Park, Bath, Bath And North East Somerset, BA2 3QD O 30/10/2017: Thoroughly agree with other comments to date, Moorland Road becoming a fast food chain etc .. when we could do with a fishmonger, a new shoe mender, a jeweller -- the current jeweller is not renewing the lease due to cost and obligation to sign up for 10 years. Why make it so difficult for such community-friendly and needed shops? No doubt having a Subway in the road will also add again to litter problems, too. 30/10/2017
Christine Cox 104 Englishcombe Lane, Southdown, Bath, Bath And North East Somerset, BA2 2EJ O 26/10/2017: I do not think that this will enhance the local shopping area at all. Bath is loosing it's small shopping area identity, by allowing chains to take over. The high street as an institution is under threat, and adding yet another high street chain fast food takeaway outlet is not going to help. In addition, illuminated and projecting signage will spoil the look of the area. 26/10/2017
Carlo Chinca 43A Moorland Road, Oldfield Park, Bath, Bath And North East Somerset, BA2 3PN O 24/10/2017: From a street of charity shops it's now becoming a 'grease alley' with Dominoes, Adeles, Chinese take away, Peking House, Panahar, Herbies Fish & Chips, Greggs, Sainsbury's sandwiches, McColls sandwiches, Moroccan/Lebanese restaurant(under construction), Fire & Brew Beer and Pizza, and possibly a burger bar that would be net door to this proposed Subway takeaway. The noise levels late at night are bad enough as it is. Why are students being pandered too? What's happening to this one time peaceful family orientated shopping area? 24/10/2017
Jodie Greenslade 28 Dartmouth Avenue, Twerton, Bath, Bath And North East Somerset, BA2 1AT O 24/10/2017: To many chain eateries 24/10/2017
Bath Preservation Trust Bath Preservation Trust , 1 Royal Crescent, City Centre, Bath, Bath And North East Somerset, BA1 2LR O 16/11/2017: Object: The Trust objects strongly to this application on the grounds of colour, materials, illumination and impact on the distinct character of this largely Victorian/Edwardian suburban area. The Subway branding is brash, loud and low quality and will have a detrimental impact on the streetscene. The applicant should consider a bespoke approach appropriate to the WHS. The use of aluminium and vinyl and the strong green colour should be resisted or toned down in some way, as should the illumination; subtle external illumination could be acceptable. Projecting signs are generally absent from this local shopping street and should also be resisted on the basis that it adds to the streetscape clutter which devalues the quality of the area.
The proposed scheme by virtue of its materials and illumination would neither preserve nor enhance the character and appearance of the area, would be detrimental to the visual amenity of the street scene and would detract from the special qualities of the WHS. The scheme would be contrary to Section 12 (Conserving and Enhancing the Historic Environment) of the NPPF, policies B1, B4, and CP6 of the B&NES Core Strategy and policies CP6, D.2, HE1,D.8, D.9, B.4, of the Placemaking Plan. We would therefore recommend the application be withdrawn or refused.