Planning Applications Reference:18/00201/FUL

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Type of Application:Full Application
Status:Pending Consideration
Address of Proposal:Food Machinery 2000 Ltd, Comfortable Place, Kingsmead, Bath, BA1 3AJ
Proposal:Erection of 26 flats with cycle storage and car parking, refuse store, footpath linkage, revised access arrangements, landscaping and associated works, following demolition of 2 x 2 bed flats and 180m2 of office space.
Planning Portal Reference Number:PP-06666843
Applicant Name:Mr Sean Kelly
Agent Name:Impact Planning Services Ltd
Agent Address:Mayfair House, 5 Little London Court, Albert Street, Old Town, Swindon, Wiltshire, SN1 3HY
Case Officer Name:Chris Griggs-Trevarthen
Date Application Received:16/01/2018
Date Application Validated:16/01/2018
Neighbourhood Consultations sent on:19/01/2018
Standard Consultations sent on:02/02/2018
Last advertised on:25/01/2018
Latest Site Notice posted on:29/01/2018
Expiry Date for Consultation :19/02/2018
Target Decision Date17/04/2018


ConstraintsAgric Land Class 3b,4,5, Article 4 Bath Demolition Wall, Article 4 HMO, Article 4 Reg 7: Estate Agent, British Waterways Major and EIA, British Waterways Minor and Householders, Conservation Area, Contaminated Land, MOD Safeguarded Areas, Policy B1 Bath Enterprise Zone, Policy B4 WHS - Boundary, Policy B4 WHS - Indicative Extent, Policy CP9 Affordable Housing Zones, Policy NE1 Green Infrastructure Network, River Avon and Kennet & Avon Canal, SSSI - Impact Risk Zones
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Related Property:Ivy Lodge,Comfortable Place,Kingsmead,Bath,BA1 3AJ.
Reference Proposal Application Received Status
18/00201/FUL .Erection of 26 flats with cycle storage and car parking, refuse store, footpath linkage, revised access arrangements, landscaping and associated works, following demolition of 2 x 2 bed flats and 180m2 of office space.16/01/2018Pending Consideration

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Name Address Comment type Comment1 Comment2 Comment3 Date
Denise Gerrish 4 Onega Terrace, Kingsmead, Bath, Bath And North East Somerset, BA1 3AH O View Associated Documents 13/03/2018
Patricia Fosbury 8 Stothert Avenue, Westmoreland, Bath, BA2 3FF, R 31/01/2018: This site needs to be redeveloped BUT there is only parking for 10 residents (plus 2 disabled bays); where do the other residents park? It's true that one doesn't NEED a car to live there, but people will want one and this means more cars pushed out into the surrounding roads which are already full. Also - flat roofs? An invitation to the gulls that are already a big problem in this part of Bath to build their nests there - please re-think this! 31/01/2018
Bath Preservation Trust Bath Preservation Trust , 1 Royal Crescent, City Centre, Bath, Bath And North East Somerset, BA1 2LR O 15/02/2018: Object: The Trust would have been pleased to have offered constructive feedback at an earlier stage than at planning. We object to this application on the basis of overdevelopment of the site, detrimental impact on the setting of non-designated heritage assets and the historic townscape, and poor quality response to site context.

This scheme fails to assimilate with or contribute to the local townscape character. Whilst some effort has been made to avoid completely overshadowing Onega Terrace by abruptly stepping down the riverside elevation and in the car park courtyard, nevertheless the scheme looks to sit hard, high, bulky and tight on the site, with no permeability or access offered to the river from the street. The excessive amount of development proposed generates a requirement for parking which in turn compromises the planning of the scheme. The irregularity of the arrangement of void to solid produces a design that is tense and unsettling.

We cannot see how the applicant has analysed or understood the site and local context in any meaningful way in order to inform the final design which we regard as unworthy of a key riverside site in the World Heritage Site. In particular there is a lack of finesse and detail to the development which, as the B&NES’ own Urban Designer & Landscape Officer both point out, sits within a domestic scale fine-grained townscape. As such this site should be developed in a more fragmented, permeable way with varied forms and roofscapes in order to lessen its impact both locally and in longer views and to sit more comfortably on this small site. In particular the historic local context (formal frontages to street and distinct, detached warehouse buildings to riverside) should inform how the scheme is designed. The flat stepped-back roofs present a blank and barren 5th elevation sitting on the valley floor; whilst precedent for this roof form has been set at BWR that has illustrated how uninteresting and over-dominant flat stepped-back roofs are in the townscape. We strongly recommend that the applicant is required to articulate and vary the roofscape. The elevation of the block along the towpath should follow the line of the towpath (in plan) to conform to historic relationships between the towpath and built forms behind, and the change in heights needs to be managed with more subtlety.

Whilst the applicant argues that the addition of a bland classically inspired terrace to the Upper Bristol Road elevation assists in repairing the streetscape, in that it will extend the classical terraced language of the street, the facts are against this. The proposed street elevation lacks authenticity and in any case, as the maps in the Heritage Report show, Georgian terraces were not built on this section of road. The history of this site is largely bound up in the piecemeal 19th century riverside development of Bath; so there is no authenticity in this response to the streetscape.

Whilst the adjacent permitted development has not yet been built out, it is regrettable that this scheme has failed to reference or identify with the forms and design of that scheme, to ensure a cohesive and visually harmonious entity over the two sites. Instead, the buildings will sit hard up and discordantly against each other.

We note no Landscape Visual Impact Assessment has been included with the submission. Given the sensitive location of this site on the valley floor and on the river frontage, we would expect some analysis of impact in long views into the site from vantage points around the city.

If, following any revisions to the scheme, the officer is minded to permit, we recommend that a condition is placed on the development that prohibits the use of these units as short term holiday lets; to ensure that they contribute to meeting Bath's housing need and are not bought solely as investment properties.

The proposed scheme by virtue of its design, massing, form and scale would be harmful to the setting of designated heritage assets, would neither preserve nor enhance the character and appearance of the conservation area, would be detrimental to the visual amenity of the street scene and the riverside and would detract from the special qualities of the WHS. The scheme would be contrary to Section 12 (Conserving and Enhancing the Historic Environment) of the NPPF, policies B1, B4, and CP6 of the B&NES Core Strategy and policies CP6, D.1, D.2, D.5, HE1, BD1, B4 of the Placemaking Plan. We would therefore strongly recommend the application be withdrawn or refused.

Transition Bath Not Given. O View Associated Documents 26/01/2018
Tim Thorne 32 Jubilee Road, Peasedown St. John, Bath, Bath And North East Somerset, BA2 8FB, O 27/01/2018: I object to this application due to NO affordable homes or social homes within these plans and therefore is of NO benefit to the residents of bath ! all new build should have these types of afford a le homes within it.cannot allow this to be granted on the hope a report says so . 29/01/2018
Laura Barker 27 East Lea Road, Lower Weston, Bath, Bath And North East Somerset, BA1 3RP O 27/01/2018: I object to this proposal as it includes no affordable or social housing and it is therefore of no benefit to Bath residents. 29/01/2018