Planning Applications Reference:18/00450/FUL

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Type of Application:Full Application
Status:Pending Consideration
Address of Proposal:54 Hillcrest Drive, Southdown, Bath, Bath And North East Somerset, BA2 1HE
Proposal:Change of use from a 4no. bedroom dwelling house (Use Class C3) to a 4no. bedroom HMO (Use Class C4).
Planning Portal Reference Number:PP-06709121
Applicant Name:Mr Lee
Agent Name:D.R.Mills & Associates
Agent Address:24 James Street West, City Centre, Bath, Bath And North East Somerset, BA1 2BT
Case Officer Name:Dominic Battrick
Date Application Received:31/01/2018
Date Application Validated:06/02/2018
Neighbourhood Consultations sent on:06/02/2018
Standard Consultations sent on:20/02/2018
Expiry Date for Consultation :27/02/2018
Target Decision Date03/04/2018


ConstraintsAgric Land Class 3b,4,5, Article 4 HMO, MOD Safeguarded Areas, Policy B4 WHS - Boundary, Policy B4 WHS - Indicative Extent, Policy CP9 Affordable Housing Zones, SSSI - Impact Risk Zones
Related Property:54 Hillcrest Drive,Southdown,Bath,BA2 1HE.
Reference Proposal Application Received Status
18/00450/FUL .Change of use from a 4no. bedroom dwelling house (Use Class C3) to a 4no. bedroom HMO (Use Class C4).31/01/2018Pending Consideration

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Name Address Comment type Comment1 Comment2 Comment3 Date
Michael Davis 48 Hillcrest Drive, Southdown, Bath, Bath And North East Somerset, BA2 1HE R 14/02/2018: The house is situated in a small cul-de-sac which already has problems with parking changing to a house of multiple occupation would no doubt make the problems considerably worse. The cul-de-sac, part of an estate built for occupation by families, has mainly older residents and some families with young children to whom the extra traffic and noise would cause excessive disruption to their life. The occupation of several elderly residents also means the frequent attendance of ambulance services in the road, it is difficult enough manoeuvring a vehicle without the likelihood of more traffic. 14/02/2018
Elda Cortetti 66 Hillcrest Drive, Southdown, Bath, Bath And North East Somerset, BA2 1HE O 19/02/2018: Cul-de-sac Is very narrow. I Cannot walk very far. I have to use a taxi to go to appointments at the hospital and shopping and I need it to park in front of my house. Very often the taxi is unable to reach my door because cars and vans are double parked and I have to pay extra fare for the taxi waiting for me which I object to.
Also the private land in front of my house is often used for illegal parking by cars and vans. Dealing with this causes me much distress.
There is already a serious parking problem in this cul-de-sac and the HMO would make it worse.
Mrs C Dagger 42 Hillcrest Drive, Southdown, Bath, Bath And North East Somerset, BA2 1HE O 19/02/2018: The house is a four bedroom family home in a small cul-de-sac and it is totally inappropriate for conversion to HMO. Access is required for ambulances, nurses and care workers on a regular basis to attend elderly residents. Parking and vehicular access is already very limited and there is restricted turning space. Any increase in traffic will make this very much worse and also cause noise disturbance.
Any increase in bin/recycling containers on collection day would cause obstruction of the footpath.
Simon White 72A Hillcrest Drive, Southdown, Bath, Bath And North East Somerset, BA2 1HE O 19/02/2018: Having worked for a company in the past that turned buildings into HMO's I have seen first hand how this leads to problems with parking and anti-social behavior. This quiet cul-de-sac is not suitable for an HMO I strongly object to this application. 19/02/2018
Carrie White 2 Hillcrest Drive, Southdown, Bath, Bath And North East Somerset, BA2 1HD O 20/02/2018: We moved to Hillcrest Drive from Oldfield park to establish a family home, and particularly chose this location with the view that it was not a predominant student area. This application for a multi occupancy home leads me to think that the plan is for this to become a student house, which would not fit in this environment.This area is mainly a family environment, the house that this application is for is at the rear of our property and we have clear sight and potentially will be affected by noise. We have a small child who potentially will be impacted by noise disturbance from the house. Whilst I understand not all students are the same, but we endured living in a student location for several years and are fully aware of the impact from a noise disturbance, the pollution in terms of rubbish, and the general impact of students in the local area. 20/02/2018
Linda Adams 64 Hillcrest Drive, Southdown, Bath, Bath And North East Somerset, BA2 1HE O 20/02/2018: I object most strongly to the proposal of changing no 54 Hillcrest Drive to an HMO dwelling. We are a small, quiet cul de sac with several elderly residents, young families and visiting grandchildren.The whole character of the neighbourhood would change. Car parking pressures are at a premium now let alone having the prospect of the possibility of another four vehicles.
Already access is difficult for ambulances, waste disposal and God forbid a fire engine.
I look at areas in Bath with HMO's and my heart sinks....

Megan Newman 58 Hillcrest Drive, Southdown, Bath, Bath And North East Somerset, BA2 1HE O 20/02/2018: I am a young disabled woman living 2 doors away, and with a disabled parking bay right outside number 54. I have carers, doctors and other professionals who visit regularly and I am very concerned that an hmo would have an adverse affect on my quality of life.
Not only is the access and parking concerns an issue to me, I would also feel intimidated living so close to what could be a group of up to 8 individuals! (4 double rooms) I already have difficulty sleeping, and take medication to help. I am not very active, and so my home life is extremely important to me.
I am not very mobile, and very unsteady on my feet, often using a wheelchair. I am sure I would get very anxious at the thought of a group of 8 strangers moving in so close, especially as it could be a new group of strangers every 12 months!
Should this group be students, I can see from moving around Bath what an issue they cause with waste disposal and recycling, often leaving rubbish out partially blocking pavements and creating serious, and sometimes dangerous, mobility issues by means of obstruction. (I also have sight issues.)
I hope the planning officer will have the good sense to take on board the views of the current neighbourhood and realise that this is an unrealistic proposition and a totally unsuitable location for an hmo.
My carer has helped me compose this.
J. Olechno 64A Hillcrest Drive, Southdown, Bath, Bath And North East Somerset, BA2 1HE O 27/02/2018: Hillcrest Drive comprises of family homes mainly occupied by families with children of all ages as well as retired elderly people.

Many families have more than two cars. Garages are available but are often too small for modern family size cars.
A number of garages have been sold or let out for and are used for storage by non residents. With the majority of residents using the road for parking, as well as non residents using the road for access to garages and deliveries, a problem already exists regarding lack of parking space and increased traffic use.

During busy times, cars are often double parked on the road and sometimes on the pavement.
Double parking limits available turning space at the top of the cul-de-sac causing cars, vans and heavy vehicles to use the garage area belonging to the residents of numbers 62-74. This has caused damage to the surface for which we are liable. Private land to the front of my house has also been used and damage caused to the drainage area.

Should the majority of residents living in numbers 62-74 park their cars/visitors cars outside the garages, turning space would not be available thus causing traffic to reverse back down the cul-de-sac. Refuse lorries already do this but they have additional staff to warn/stop traffic. They also have an audible warning system. Other road users do not have this advantage and are put at considerable risk.

Cars are sometimes parked on the turning into the cul-de-sac limiting vision of the road when entering or leaving especially when the parked vehicles are vans or large cars.

Allowing an HMO within the cul-de-sac would increase parking problems and traffic use, cause further damage to private property and put the well being and safety of residents at increased risk.
Nik Rayer 60 Hillcrest Drive, Southdown, Bath, Bath And North East Somerset, BA2 1HE O 16/02/2018: This property is at the end of a cull de sac, with elderly residents and family's with young children. Many family's have 2 cars so parking is already a problem so a HMO with the possibility of up to 4 extra cars would create even more access difficulties.
I feel that allowing a HMO in a family orientated residential street should not be allowed.
Darren Waldron 68 Hillcrest Drive, Southdown, Bath, Bath And North East Somerset, BA2 1HE O 18/02/2018: Object. 18/02/2018
Chris Downer 44 Hillcrest Drive, Southdown, Bath, Bath And North East Somerset, BA2 1HE O 16/02/2018: This small cul de sac is totally unsuitable for any conversions to HMO due to parking problems that would be made worse by any conversion. Already on Rubbish Collection day and frequently when large delivery vans are in the cul de sac it is impossible to move your own vehicle.
There is also the detrimental change of character that can be brought about by HMO's due to increased noise and waste storage problems ( bins etc) in what is largely a quiet area with an elderly population.

Amanda Waldron 68 Hillcrest Drive, Southdown, Bath, Bath And North East Somerset, BA2 1HE O 18/02/2018: Object 18/02/2018
Andrew Newman 58 Hillcrest Drive, Southdown, Bath, Bath And North East Somerset, BA2 1HE O 17/02/2018: The location of number 54 is in a particularly sensitive area of Hillcrest Drive in respect of parking issues. Because of its cul-de-sac design parking is already an issue with residents often having to park outside of the cul-de-sac. A family would normally have 1 car, possibly 2, but an HMO is likely to attract 4-8 individual car users! The cul-de-sac is a very quiet, family orientated road, and an HMO would not be in-keeping with its surroundings. The property has only just been sold, and with this in mind the landlord is not even known to anyone in the street, and no relationship has been struck. These facts make the proposal all about revenue, with little or no regard for the nature of the street, or the existing residents.
We are landlords ourselves, and previously had an HMO. Unfortunately, the tenants were so troublesome and problematic to the neighbourhood we would never entertain that situation again. We have always introduced ourselves to the neighbours, and given them due consideration. This has not happened with this application.
Furthermore, the application is in direct contradiction of the Bath and North East Local plan 2007 policy D2 (Page 28) 'Development will only be permitted
b) the character of the public realm is maintained or enhanced.
f) The proposed development will not cause significant harm to
the amenities of existing or proposed occupiers of, or visitors to, residential or other sensitive premises by reason of loss of light, or increased overlooking, noise, smell, traffic or other disturbance.'
In addition, the application does not support Policy D2 (page 86) of the Draft placemaking plan.
D.2: Local Character & Distinctiveness.
Development proposals will be supported where they contribute positively to and do not harm local character and distinctiveness. In considering whether development proposals meet this requirement they will be assessed against the following criteria:
a The development has positively responded to the site context, in particular the local character, including uses, landmarks, layout,streets and spaces!
e The development contributes towards the local social context in a positive way, providing safe, functional and attractive streets and spaces.
Residential density must be compatible with character.
For these reasons, and taking into account other comments, the application for an HMO must not be granted.
S West 56 Hillcrest Drive, Southdown, Bath, Bath And North East Somerset, BA2 1HE O 16/02/2018: This house is situated in a small cul de sac with no parking provision. Hillcrest Drive is generally occupied by young families and retired residents with extremely limited parking in this street. It would set a precedent to put a false window at the front of the property to make a bedroom large enough to rent out. This would change the material appearance of this estate to the detriment of existing residents. Also there does not appear to be a plan of the proposed front elevation. 16/02/2018
Philip Durham 52 Hillcrest Drive, Southdown, Bath, Bath And North East Somerset, BA2 1HE O 21/02/2018: The potential for a HMO will ultimately lead to up to four adults residing in the house. Assuming that they all have access to a vehicle, this will lead to many problems with parking. In the evenings and weekends, it is often difficult to park outside of my house, and with a HMO making it possible for four more vehicles, parking will be made more difficult. There also is already significant concern that in the event the emergency services might need to access the Cul-de-Sac they may be unable to due to the parking situation. The possibility of 4 or more vehicles in the Cul-de-Sac poses a significant risk.

The Cul-de-Sac is home to a number of families with young children as well as elderly residents, living adjacent to and behind 54 Hillcrest Drive. I am deeply concerned that noise may also be an issue, which will ultimately cause distress for a number of residents. This would lead to a dispute between the residents currently living in Hillcrest Drive and the tenants/landlord of the HMO.

On the proposal, one of the bedrooms is to include a false window in order for the room to meet the minimum space requirements for a bedroom. As a former student I can say with a high level of confidence that a room without window and therefore no access to natural light, would make the room uninhabitable and incredibly unattractive for any prospective tenant. A false window is therefore pointless and the HMO proposal should not be posted as a four bedroom house.
Gabriel Pozsonyi 2B Hillcrest Drive, Southdown, Bath, Bath And North East Somerset, BA2 1HD O 21/02/2018: Having been informed of this application for an HMO I would like to put forward my objection on the grounds that this is currently a family property which has now been bought by a landlord purely for the purpose of rental it would appear. The new owner has not moved into this house so has no idea of the area or impact a multi occupancy house would have on the neighbourhood or its residents.
A normal house in the area would have on average 1-2 vehicles, this multi occupancy house potentially could have up to 6-7 persons living within it, and so potentially 6-7 vehicles trying to park outside it.
I believe that the councils remit for new builds is for them to have off street parking for 2 cars. I know that this is not a new build but it is a change of use which should take into account the potential impact of the additional people/cars on the neighbourhood.
Also this area is heavily occupied by families with young children and the extra volumn of traffic coming into the close could jeopardise their safety. I am also aware that there are a large number of elderly people living in this cul de sac who would be adversely effected by a multi occupancy house, 1. parking issues 2.Increased traffic, 3.noise issues

I strongly object to this proposal as the new owner appears to purely after rent with no regard to the area or its residents.
Sue Trim 36 Hillcrest Drive, Southdown, Bath, Bath And North East Somerset, BA2 1HE O 11/02/2018: This is a family home , this is a family street , it is a Cul-de-sac with limited parking , so this Cul-de-sac is NOT suitable for an HMO house. 11/02/2018
Joseph Lee (Buyer) 93 Sladebrook Road, Southdown, Bath, Bath And North East Somerset, BA2 1LP S 24/02/2018: Hello all,

As you may have realised from the name I am the purchaser of the property - I wanted a chance to reply and hopefully remove some concerns about the use of the property.

- We will be letting to a maximum of 4 people. We will absolutely not be renting to couples.

- We have absolutely no intention of ever, ever letting to students. If we could apply for a non-student hmo we would! We target young working professionals who are moving to Bath to work and do not want to live in a student area. We take in these people because they look after houses and don't cause problems.

- We're not a faceless company. We live round the corner on Sladebrook Road (we live in an HMO we purchased from the landlord). We live with young working professionals and they are quiet, respectful and clean. We have close friends on Hillcrest Drive too so we know the area. It's important for us that we do not impact their / your street

- With regards to parking we currently have 9 tenants in HMOs. Less than half have cars so we'd expect to have two cars which I believe is no different from the current situation. Statistically rental tenants are less likely to have cars than owners. The property has a brick shed which is perfect for bike owners, is walkable to town and has a great nearby bus route.

- The false window will not look any different from the outside.

We'd love to have a good relationship with all the neighbours. Our alternative to young working professionals is renting to a family. We feel confident that we can obtain better tenants with an HMO.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. If you have any questions or suggestions for me (or need to contact me in future) my email is
Celia Decesare 70 Hillcrest Drive, Southdown, Bath, Bath And North East Somerset, BA2 1HE O View Associated Documents 24/02/2018: I strongly object to the proposal for a HMO at 54 Hillcrest Drive. More people more transport. Also object to the approval given in the Highways letter that the new tenants will most likely use local transport. This is a small cul de sac with very limited turning access and this would be a serious problem for emergency vehicles, such as Fire. GAS and ambulance. I myself frequently have an ambulance to go to the RUH for treatment and often it has to park in the middle of the road. Also have daily Carers who sometimes are accosted by some residents for parking in the road. HMO properties also have problems with refuse collections such as some of those in Oldfield Park who stockpile their rubbish at the end of the road because they are given one bin per house. I would be grateful if the Council could bear in mind the needs of residents, (families and retired people) most of whom have lived peacefully here for many years. 24/02/2018 This comment also has associated documents: View Associated Documents
Chris & Carole Durham 52 Hillcrest Drive, Southdown, Bath, Bath And North East Somerset, BA2 1HE O 21/02/2018: The proposal for a HMO is totally inappropriate for a residential area that is family orientated, coupled with elderly and middle-aged residents. There is a likelihood of late night noise, which is not compatible for the area.

Parking is also extremely difficult, as this is a small Cul-de-Sac with very limited parking for current residents, the possibility of an extra four cars it will be impossible to park near our houses; which is unacceptable. I have previously spoken to a fire officer due to my concern relating to access to the Cul-de-Sac in the event of a fire. He was particularly concerned that a fire engine may be unable to access the area of a fire due to the parking situation. With the street already at full capacity, the possibility for four more cars would make it impossible for emergency services to access our homes.

The plans state that a false window will be installed, surely the occupant has a right to natural light and is potentially exploiting somebody on a lower income, or somebody who may need a tenancy at short notice.

A vast majority of HMOs in Bath are let out to students. Under the assumption that this is also the case for this proposal, I would like to comment that there is an abundance of student accommodation throughout the city. Recently, announcements of proposed developments incorporating student accommodation have increased; with a specific focus for more students to live in halls of residences or in blocks of flats. It is therefore unnecessary for more HMOs to be developed in private residential areas, particularly in our neighbourhood.