Planning Applications Reference:17/03926/OUT

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Type of Application:Outline Application
Status:Pending Decision
Address of Proposal:Derelict Yard, Bath Old Road, Radstock,
Proposal:Erection of 26 dwellings, access works and other ancillary infrastructure (Resubmission)
Decision Type:Delegated
Planning Portal Reference Number:PP-06309544
Applicant Name:Bidwell Metals Ltd
Agent Name:Grass Roots Planning Ltd
Agent Address:Mr Matthew Kendrick, Unit 106, 86-88 Colston Street, Bristol, United Kingdom, BS7 9PB
Case Officer Name:Tessa Hampden
Date Application Received:15/08/2017
Date Application Validated:15/08/2017
Neighbourhood Consultations sent on:16/08/2017
Standard Consultations sent on:16/08/2017
Last advertised on:24/08/2017
Latest Site Notice posted on:24/08/2017
Expiry Date for Consultation :14/09/2017
Target Decision Date31/07/2018


ConstraintsAgric Land Class 1,2,3a, Agric Land Class 3b,4,5, Coal - Standing Advice Area, Conservation Area, Housing Development Boundary, Policy CP9 Affordable Housing Zones, Policy LR6A Local Green Spaces, SSSI - Impact Risk Zones
Related Property:Derelict Yard,Bath Old Road,Radstock,
Reference Proposal Application Received Status
04/03951/CLEU .Use of land as an ancillary depot (Use Class B8) to the Clandown Works20/12/2004Unlawful
16/05181/OUT .Erection of up to 27 dwellings with access works and other ancillary infrastructure21/10/2016Application Withdrawn
17/03926/OUT .Erection of 26 dwellings, access works and other ancillary infrastructure (Resubmission)15/08/2017Pending Decision

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Name Address Comment type Comment1 Comment2 Comment3 Date
Lynsey Gould-Knowles 32 Springfield Crest, Radstock, Bath And North East Somerset, BA3 3JF O Documents Tab 30/08/2017
Martin Turvey Nauvoo, Bath Old Road, Radstock, BA3 3HF, O 09/09/2017: I am writing in respect of the planning application for the construction of 26 dwellings in derelict land in Bath Old Road and would like to make the following comments:

1. I do not object to the principle of construction on this site. Indeed, housing may well be preferable to the existing usage of a lorry yard. However, I would be grateful if planning would consider, and where appropriate, respond to the following concerns.

2. In a discussion with Mr Bidwell when we purchased our property he stated that he planned to build approx. 8-10 houses on this land. If he were to show integrity towards his prior commitment, I would not be objecting.

3. The proposal for 26 properties is clearly too many. In section 4.14 of the Transport Statement, it claims there will be 119 additional daily trips and calls this negligible. Those living on Bath Old Road know only too well that this road is already well over capacity. 119 additional trips is a very conservative estimate since the development is beyond the recommended distance from facilities and up a steep hill. This will quite clearly take the road beyond breaking point.

4. In Transport 2, it states that there have been 3 recorded incidents, none of which involved vulnerable road users. This is a rather meaningless statement since there are currently hardly any houses creating pedestrian traffic on this section of road. With 26 new properties, pedestrian traffic would increase significantly, adding a huge risk in a already very dangerous section of road. The number of houses, and therefore resulting traffic, needs to be reduced. Additionally, the proposed footpath will likely reduce road width even further making this stretch even more dangerous.

5. There have also been several serious accidents involving vehicles exiting Bath Old Rd at the north end onto the A367. Consideration must be given to the impact of the additional vehicles at this junction.

6. On drawing number 13072/008 in the Transport Statement, it shows two properties being built on the right hand side immediately as you enter the driveway. The Illustrative Masterplan does not show these buildings. It is difficult to comment constructively when it’s not clear what is being proposed. The developer should clarify what they are proposing.

7. According to section 4.7 of the Transport Statement, the developer intends to build 4 off, 9 bedroom properties. I’m concerned at the target market for this type of property. (If this is an error and it should state 9 off, 4 bedroom properties, this is of equal concern. The developer has apparently taken no notice of the comments raised by neighbours to the previous application since this was pointed out then)

8. The developer should be required, as part of any planning granted, to ensure that access is maintained to the existing three properties (Nauvoo, Weatherley House, Five Acres) for the entirety of the construction process and beyond. My objection to the original application has already brought retaliatory action from Mr Bidwell.

9. I would like to know the type of fence being proposed between the new development and the existing driveway to the three properties mentioned above.

10. There is a parcel of land at the end of the existing driveway. If these properties are to be built at the top of the driveway, there should be a permanent restriction placed on construction on that parcel of land. (this was part of Mr Bidwells garden but has recently been fenced off to create what appears to be a building plot)

11. Any restrictions in relation to fences that might exist on the existing three properties should be removed.
Guy Currie Weatherly House, Bath Old Road, Radstock, Bath And North East Somerset, BA3 3HF O 10/09/2017: I am writing to object to the proposed erection of 26 dwellings on the derelict yard, Bath Old Road. When I first moved to the area in 2006, David Bidwell told me that he possibly planned to apply to build 8 – 10 houses on the land in the future, to which I would be far more receptive. Therefore, my objection isn’t to the development of the land, rather the number of proposed dwellings.
The biggest issue with the current application is the total unsuitability of Bath Old Road to cope with this level of increased pedestrian and vehicular traffic.
Vehicular Traffic
According to the Highways Report ’it is assumed there would be no objection to the traffic levels based on the removal of larger commercial vehicles being routed to and from the site on a regular basis and that should be an overall benefit.’ This statement is either based on incorrect information or is intended to mislead the planners! There used to be two lorries regularly based on the yard and they would typically both leave first thing in the morning then return late afternoon however in section 4.14 of the Transport Statement, it claims there will be 119 additional daily trips. This is clearly a huge increase to the previous traffic levels so hardly a benefit. The figure of 119 is also questionable and is more likely to be significantly greater.
Bath Old Road is already over-trafficked for the size and state of the road. To the north of the proposed development site the road is heavily pot-holed. It also regularly floods when it rains with puddles spanning the entire width of the road including on corners, adding to the danger. It can also be very difficult turning right onto the A367 being a fast and busy section of the road and this junction has been the site of a number of accidents. To the south of the proposed site there is a bad bend where there have also been many accidents, then the road effectively becomes a single track lane with cars parked on both sides of the road. This parking can’t be reduced as it is necessary for the residents living on this section.
Also,due to the A367 being so busy at peak times, Bath Old Road already suffers excess traffic from drivers using it as a rat-run to try and get to the bottom quicker.
Therefore, I strongly believe that 26 more houses with an estimate of 119 additional daily trips would lead to the rapid further deterioration of Bath Old Road and who knows how many more accidents? Indeed, Councillor Karen Walker in her response agrees that this application should not be approved due to a BANES highway engineer acknowledging the fact that the A367 in this area is almost at capacity.

Pedestrian Traffic

The Highways report states that ‘to ensure appropriate pedestrian access to the site can be provided, an improved footway route would need to be provided along Bath Old Road.’ Currently, there is no footway/pavement to the south heading towards Radstock for quite some distance. This is the section of road that involves a bend where there have been numerous accidents as the road is quite narrow. Therefore, how can a footway possibly be provided without further narrowing this, already dangerous section of road?

Ecological Report
I notice that in section 3.29 regarding the presence of badgers the report states that ‘in February 2017 two entrances were identified, one showing recent activity.’ It goes on to state that ‘it is possible that other entrances are contained within the immediate surrounding dense scrub.’ A neighbour at Springfield Crescent bordering the site to the east told me she regularly sees approximately five badgers, so I would suggest a further investigation of the site would be necessary.
J Hobbs Windward, Bath Old Road, Radstock, Bath And North East Somerset, BA3 3HF R Documents Tab 07/09/2017
Mrs Gould 38 Springfield Crest, Radstock, Bath And North East Somerset, BA3 3JF O Documents Tab 04/09/2017
A J Fowler 14 Collier's Rise, Radstock, Bath And North East Somerset, BA3 3AU O Documents Tab 31/08/2017
Transition Bath Not Given. O Documents Tab 05/09/2017