Planning Applications Reference:18/01267/FUL

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Type of Application:Full Application
Status:Pending Decision
Address of Proposal:Sports Training Village, University Of Bath Campus, Claverton Down, Bath, BA2 7BT
Proposal:Proposed new School of Management Building including new arrivals square, public realm enhancement, landscaping, cycle and motorcycling parking, disabled parking and other associated infrastructure works.
Decision Type:Delegated
Planning Portal Reference Number:PP-06778631
Applicant Name:University Of Bath
Agent Name:JLL
Agent Address:31 Great George Street, Bristol, BS8 1HU
Case Officer Name:Chris Gomm
Date Application Received:20/03/2018
Date Application Validated:21/03/2018
Neighbourhood Consultations sent on:22/03/2018
Standard Consultations sent on:29/05/2018
Last advertised on:29/03/2018
Latest Site Notice posted on:29/03/2018
Expiry Date for Consultation :19/04/2018
Target Decision Date03/07/2018


ConstraintsAgric Land Class 3b,4,5, Article 4 HMO, MOD Safeguarded Areas, Policy B4 WHS - Boundary, Policy B4 WHS - Indicative Extent, Policy CP9 Affordable Housing Zones, Policy GDS1 Site Allocations, Policy LCR5 Safeguarded existg sport & R, Policy NE1 Green Infrastructure Network, Policy NE2A Landscapes and the green set, Policy NE5 Ecological Networks, Policy NE5 Strategic Nature Areas, SSSI - Impact Risk Zones, Tree Preservation Order
Related Property:Sports Training Village,University Of Bath Campus,Claverton Down,Bath,BA2 7BT.
Reference Proposal Application Received Status
07/02720/FUL .Replacement of existing 3 metre high fencing at north and south ends of Astro Pitch 1 with 6 metre high fencing - including 3 metre returns on all side fencing30/08/2007Application Permitted
11/02789/FUL .Provision of 3no. containers for storage of sports equipment29/06/2011Application Permitted
14/01273/FUL .Provision of a new multi-purpose studio facility within the Sports Training Village at the University of Bath19/03/2014Application Permitted
15/01028/FUL .Installation of 3 no. casement windows.04/03/2015Application Permitted
17/01739/TPO .TPO 51 - Norway Maple - fell to provide vehicle access for fire engines and refuse lorries, TPO 718 - Group of Hornbeam and Magnolia - fell because with in footprint of proposed extension, TPO 719 - Norway Maple - fell to provide vehicle access for fire engines and refuse lorries, TPO 720 - Saucer Magnolia - fell to allow access to existing plant room for replacement of equipment. Replacements for all to be planted in Lime Kiln Woodland Boundary.10/04/2017Consent
17/02040/FUL .Erection of a two storey extension to the Sports Training Village.28/04/2017Application Permitted
17/05627/COND .Discharge of conditions 1-6 of application 17/02040/FUL (Erection of a two storey extension to the Sports Training Village).17/11/2017Split decision/check certificate or file
18/01267/FUL .Proposed new School of Management Building including new arrivals square, public realm enhancement, landscaping, cycle and motorcycling parking, disabled parking and other associated infrastructure works.20/03/2018Pending Decision
18/01626/COND .Discharge of condition 2 of application 17/02040/FUL (Erection of a two storey extension to the Sports Training Village)11/04/2018Condition Discharged
18/02677/COND .Discharge of conditions 3 and 4 of application 17/02040/FUL (Erection of a two storey extension to the Sports Training Village)18/06/2018Pending Consideration

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Name Address Comment type Comment1 Comment2 Comment3 Date
Nicholas Tobin (Federation Of Bath Residents' Associations) 2 Ainslie's Belvedere, Lansdown, Bath, Bath And North East Somerset, BA1 5HT O Documents Tab 23/05/2018 This comment also has associated documents: Documents Tab
Bath Preservation Trust Bath Preservation Trust , 1 Royal Crescent, City Centre, Bath, Bath And North East Somerset, BA1 2LR R 18/04/2018: Comment: The Trust finds this application to be successful in terms of the scale of ambition to create a 21st century faculty building and in the proposed design of the building and its associated interaction with the campus and the student population.
This site does not appear to be planned for in the current university 2009-20 masterplan (though we note that site is part of a potential development area in Policy SB19) and we feel this undermines the purpose and gravitas of the masterplan. The masterplan is confusing in that in more than one of the opportunities maps, the site (now 4ES and the associated car park) is earmarked for development but it is detailed as residential accommodation (p38) and as academic space in other map (p39). It would appear that further academic space was not earmarked for development on this site given that the masterplan plans for the 4ES development only.
We cannot support this application however because, as always, our main concern is how the university can justify the addition of further state-of-the-art academic space aimed to draw more students to the university without a published and agreed collaborative strategic plan with B&NES Council and Bath Spa University regarding student accommodation across the City. We would wish to see how the university will shoulder a greater proportion of its student numbers, and in particular any extra students being attracted to a city with an already challenged housing market and a student population of over 24,000. With new academic space intensifying the campus (and removing important green space) we would expect to see intensified accommodation development occurring on campus as a balancing exercise.
Jan Shepley Greenlea, Perrymead, Lyncombe, Bath, Bath And North East Somerset, BA2 5AX O 18/04/2018: The Widcombe Association is concerned that this application if permitted would involve a further increase in student numbers of several hundred, with no provision for their accommodation and indeed taking up land which had been identified in the University Masterplan for future accommodation on campus, where it is most suitably located.

The inevitable consequences for the city would be the loss of even more family homes through conversion to HMOs and the further development of PBSAs on land which is needed for general market and affordable rented housing. Other issues exacerbated by the increased student numbers accommodated off-campus will include transport services, traffic, parking and pollution.

The Widcombe Ward would be likely to bear much of the brunt of this further boom in off-campus student housing, the impact of which is already being felt in a change in the character of the area, with permanent residents becoming outnumbered in many areas by a transient population, who have little regard for the facilities of the area or pride in its maintenance and cleanliness.

The WA is therefore strongly opposed to this development proposal and indeed urges the Council to resist any expansion of the University’s capacity which does not also provide commensurate accommodation on campus and also addresses the existing serious shortfall. It should be a condition of any such expansion that a significant increase in on-site accommodation must first be completed and operational – sufficient to ensure there will be limited pressure in future for city-centre sites to be developed for student housing.

Accordingly we urge the Committee to reject this application for the reason that it implies an over-development of the campus and a failure to address the need for accommodation for students existing and future and would add to the current imbalance in the population of the City of Bath.
Richard Luetchford 14A Beech Avenue, Claverton Down, Bath, Bath And North East Somerset, BA2 7BA O 18/04/2018: B&NES Planning Services Lewis House
Manvers Street
For the attention of Mr Chris Gomm, B&NES Case Officer Dear Mr Gomm,
Re: Planning Application 18/01267/FUL – University of Bath School of Management

The associated public exhibition states that the new School of Management building will attract up to 850 additional postgraduate students.

However the application makes it clear that the applicant has no intention of providing accommodation for all these students on campus, meaning that accommodation will have to be provided for many of them in the city of Bath. This will add further to the City's existing housing crisis, much of it caused by very high numbers of students living here (26% of the total population and rising). Only 1000 extra bedroom will have been built on campus by 2018 to meet demand for accommodation from all students and not just those who will attend this new School, and the University has no further plans to build any more. Furthermore the application makes it clear at paragraph 5.23 that, as a direct result of the new School of Management building being erected, part of the campus land previously set aside for building accommodation in its Master Plan will in future be reserved as parkland. That means the application actually removes the potential,for more student bedrooms being built on campus.

The application should therefore be refused unless and until the applicant enters into a legally enforceable agreement or condition (a) to provide sufficient campus accommodation to cater for all the additional students (850) that this building will attract and (b) to fully restore the area of land originally set aside for the building of student accommodation back to that original purpose. As a further Condition or as part of this Agreement, the applicant should also be required to pay the Bathnes Council, the owner of the site on which the building is to be recited, a commercial rent for use of the site in place of the peppercorn rent it currently pays. This would be to avoid any suggestion that the Council as planning authority has acted other than with complete impartiality in approving the application and has not exhibited undue favouritism towards the applicant.

Sarah Hill 2 Woodland Grove, Claverton Down, Bath, Bath And North East Somerset, BA2 7AT O 07/04/2018: While we were abroad on half term in February we were sent a note telling us that there was a consultation meeting for this build in 3 days time. Contained in the note were two links to website pages to help us understand the proposal should we be unable to attend the consultation. One link didn't work and the other took the search to a very general all purpose page with no obvious connection to the planning proposal. I could only assume that the university didn't want any of the neighbours to really attend the consultation nor know what they were proposing. Either that or it was an extremely shabby piece of communication from the marketing department.
From the note sent through the door, the implication was the council have already approved this build at the initial stages and we would be wasting our time objecting to the proposal. This doesn't feel like democracy in action. This is a very big build proposal to add even more students into the Bath population mix. The infrastructure around the university is already suffering from the increased weight of traffic, litter and noise generated by the university population, not to mention the rest of Bath city. It would be really good if the university could just for once put some of their lottery money into keeping the roads safe and clean rather than generating even more of a student population, even more traffic and litter without any care, and perhaps participate more constructively in how the roads and environment are going to support the current population, before advancing plans for an increase. They don't appear to have thought about the wider impact and the social responsibility. (I notice that the roads were cleaned up only today, as the university had royal visitors. Obviously the people who live around the university and pay their taxes don't deserve this special and rare treatment).
In conclusion, I will object to the university expanding until they are more transparent and honest with their communication. At the same time they need to think about putting something back into the local community as they are currently reducing the environment's quality and integrity.
Alex Hansen 15 Woodland Grove, Claverton Down, Bath, Bath And North East Somerset, BA2 7AT O Documents Tab 06/06/2018
Susan O'brien 3 Woodland Grove, Claverton Down, Bath, Bath And North East Somerset, BA2 7AT R Documents Tab 21/04/2018
First West Of England Not Given S Documents Tab 19/06/2018
Transition Bath Not Given. S Documents Tab 17/04/2018
Dr David Martin 6 Beech Avenue, Claverton Down, Bath, Bath And North East Somerset, BA2 7BA O 06/04/2018: I have the following objections and comments:

There is a major incursion of the proposed building into the green space which has been established at the core of the campus. This green space area is an important feature of the campus, and has already been compromised by the recent new building housing the architecture department, which has resulted in the loss of many mature trees and a section of the green space. The proposed school of management also intrudes into the green space, with the loss of trees and a large part of the open area. It is a more significant intrusion than the architecture building due to the larger footprint and bulk of the proposed building. The proposition that this loss of central green space can be compensated for by protecting a small green area in the remote south west corner of the campus is not a sufficient quantum of off-set. I therefore object to the loss of what should be protected green space in the centre of the campus.

There is also unclear information about the total number of additional students that will be working/studying within the new building, and hence no firm assessment of the additional student accommodation demands either on-campus or in the city. The Highways Department comments and concerns are also especially relevant, since the additional burden on student and staff travel to the campus, including parking provision and the demand for extra public transport, are major concerns both for the city and for the immediate local residential areas. There do not seem to be any mitigation measures proposed for dealing with the additional student numbers involved.

Although the proposed building will sit alongside the main road into the campus, it does not present a welcoming entrance face due to its massive structure (taller than the adjacent sports training village), and its own focus away from the road onto the “commons”side (namely the compromised open green space) of the proposed building.
Chris Beezley 19 Beech Avenue, Claverton Down, Bath, Bath And North East Somerset, BA2 7BA O Documents Tab 17/04/2018: I refer to the submitted Planning Statement.

At para. 8.127 it is stated that "The proposed development will allow the School [of Management] to increase its numbers by an additional 550 Post Graduate students by 2025/26".

This is at variance with Board #1 of the Consultation Exhibition (referred to at para.6.25) where it is clearly stated that School of Management student numbers could increase by 850 Post Graduates by 2026/27:
"Post Graduate Taught (PGT) one year courses will see only a gradual growth in numbers (300 additional PGT when the building opens in 2020/21 and by a further 250-550 in 2026/27, compared with current numbers)."

This increased number will affect the comment and concerns already provided by B&NES' Economic Development Department which assumes the 550 figure.

Incidentally, the 1,001 campus bed spaces referred to by B&NES Economic Development comprise Polden (293) and The Quads (708). It is wrong to assume that Polden will provide a further 293 bed spaces.
17/04/2018 This comment also has associated documents: Documents Tab
Afeef Usman Mohamed Flat 2 , 6 Princes Street, City Centre, Bath, Bath And North East Somerset, BA1 1HL S 19/04/2018: I fully support this application for the proposed new School of Management building. 19/04/2018