Planning Applications Reference:18/04757/REG03

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Type of Application:Regulation 3 Application
Status:Pending Consideration
Address of Proposal:Parkside Children's Centre , Charlotte Street, City Centre, Bath, BA1 2NE
Proposal:Extension of existing public car park, including reconfiguration of existing parking spaces, following the demolition of Parkside Children's Centre, with associated drainage, lighting and surfacing.
Planning Portal Reference Number:PP-07337349
Applicant Name:Bath and North East Somerset Counci
Agent Name:Turley
Agent Address:40 Queen Square, Bristol, BS1 4QP
Case Officer Name:Chris Gomm
Date Application Received:24/10/2018
Date Application Validated:26/10/2018
Neighbourhood Consultations sent on:29/10/2018
Standard Consultations sent on:14/01/2019
Last advertised on:01/11/2018
Latest Site Notice posted on:01/11/2018
Expiry Date for Consultation :22/11/2018
Target Decision Date24/12/2018


ConstraintsAgric Land Class 3b,4,5, Article 4 Bath Demolition Wall, Article 4 HMO, Article 4 Reg 7: Estate Agent, Conservation Area, HMO Stage 1 Test Area (Stage 2 Test Req), MOD Safeguarded Areas, Policy B4 WHS - Boundary, Policy B4 WHS - Indicative Extent, Policy CP9 Affordable Housing Zones, Policy NE2A Landscapes and the green set, SSSI - Impact Risk Zones
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Related Property:Parkside Children's Centre,Charlotte Street,City Centre,Bath,BA1 2NE.
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Reference Proposal Application Received Status
98/00081/FUL .Erection of a timber pergola and five timber planters02/02/1998Application Permitted
03/03099/FUL .Erection of new play equipment in playground after removal of existing05/12/2003Application Permitted
09/03431/REG03 .Provision of 2no. door openings in existing window openings, canopy, ramps, buggy park, cycle racks and a grass mound with slide17/09/2009Application Permitted
18/04757/REG03 .Extension of existing public car park, including reconfiguration of existing parking spaces, following the demolition of Parkside Children's Centre, with associated drainage, lighting and surfacing.24/10/2018Pending Consideration

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Name Address Comment type Comment1 Comment2 Comment3 Date
Bath Heritage Watchdog Not Given. O Documents Tab 07/01/2019
Andrea Edgar Not Given R Documents Tab 02/01/2019
Hugh Lyshkow 7 Charlotte Street, City Centre, Bath, BA1 2NE, R 05/11/2018: I object to the application based on the fact that short term parking will cause queues of those waiting for someone to leave, which will keep us from reaching our house's parking spots. In addition I assume that lighting will be on 24-hours potentially, which is invasive and not fair to residents. 05/11/2018
Regina Buechner-Cross 41 Crescent Gardens, Kingsmead, Bath, Bath And North East Somerset, BA1 2NB O 05/11/2018: The planned development of short stay parking will lead to more traffic and congestion in the already crowded Charlotte Street area. Pedestrian safety will be compromised by even more cars entering and exiting Charlotte Street from Upper Bristol Road. Furthermore, it will lead to more air pollution in this busy area. Also, given that Bath is introducing a Clean Air Zone and committed to reducing car traffic in the city centre, it doesn't make sense to create more car parking spaces. The space should be better used as e-bike hub and/or bicycle shelter in order to promote environmentally friendly transport. 05/11/2018
Roger Houghton 22 New King Street, Kingsmead, Bath, Bath And North East Somerset, BA1 2BL O Documents Tab 10/12/2018
Elizabeth Lyshkow 7 Charlotte Street, City Centre, Bath, BA1 2NE, O 04/11/2018: I worry a great deal about the increased traffic as the in and out from Charlotte St is already very busy and not ideal to cross. With more short term traffic it will be even less desirable and will most likely force us to cross mid street rather than across the entrance as the sight lines are not as good as one would like. I presume that the lights from the new car park will fall directly into multiple bedrooms which face the back of our house. We will need to pay to have additional covering. The tennis courts that are there now thankfully put out their lights at 9:00pm and so this is not currently an issue. If lights are on all night it will be. It will also limit our having open windows due to the noise/light issues. I would have thought an information centre would have been a better idea in that space. 04/11/2018