Planning Applications Reference:19/00410/OUT

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Type of Application:Outline Application
Status:Pending Consideration
Address of Proposal:Bath Equestrian Centre, Middle Hill, Weston Farm Lane, Upper Weston, Bath, BA1 4HL
Proposal:Construction of 26 dwellings, including the replacement of the existing dwelling (25 net additional dwellings), improvements to Weston Farm Lane and associated infrastructure and landscaping works
Planning Portal Reference Number:PP-07500438
Applicant Name:Mr & Mrs Palmer
Agent Name:Stride Treglown Ltd
Agent Address:Promenade House, The Promenade, Clifton, Bristol, BS8 3NE
Case Officer Name:Sasha Berezina
Date Application Received:30/01/2019
Date Application Validated:01/02/2019
Neighbourhood Consultations sent on:04/02/2019
Standard Consultations sent on:15/02/2019
Last advertised on:07/02/2019
Latest Site Notice posted on:12/02/2019
Expiry Date for Consultation :05/03/2019
Target Decision Date03/05/2019


ConstraintsAgric Land Class 1,2,3a, Agric Land Class 3b,4,5, Article 4 Bath Demolition Wall, Article 4 HMO, Article 4 Reg 7: Estate Agent, Conservation Area, LLFA - Flood Risk Management, MOD Safeguarded Areas, Policy B4 WHS - Boundary, Policy B4 WHS - Indicative Extent, Policy CP8 Green Belt, Policy CP9 Affordable Housing Zones, Policy NE2 AONB, Policy NE2A Landscapes and the green set, Policy NE5 Ecological Networks, Policy ST8 Safeguarded Airport & Aerodro, SSSI - Impact Risk Zones
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Reference Proposal Application Received Status
99/01088/FUL .Erection of a new roof extension over riding school19/11/1999Application Permitted
00/00248/FUL .Engineering works around existing menage including post and rail fencing07/02/2000Application Permitted
19/00410/OUT .Construction of 26 dwellings, including the replacement of the existing dwelling (25 net additional dwellings), improvements to Weston Farm Lane and associated infrastructure and landscaping works30/01/2019Pending Consideration

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Name Address Comment type Comment1 Comment2 Comment3 Date
D O'Mara 3 The Weal, Upper Weston, Bath, Bath And North East Somerset, BA1 4HE O 20/02/2019: Objection to the building of 26 dwellings in Weston farm lane on the grounds that this will cause an inordinate increase in the volume of motor traffic (including construction traffic.) This will necessitate that All vehicles access Weston farm lane via the same entry and exit point in the Weal. This will probably cause much more vehicular noise pollution, disturbance and nuisance to residents in the vicinity. Parking may also become a problem. 20/02/2019
Fiona Prettejohn Rohannon Farm, Weston Farm Lane, Upper Weston, Bath, Bath And North East Somerset, BA1 4EY R 17/02/2019: I would like to express concerns and request further detail on the proposed road widening of Weston Farm Lane.

There is currently a verge, some of it raised, between the edge of the road and walls belonging Rohannon Farm and this provides some protection for the walls. The verge varies in depth from approximately 60 cm at the south end to approximately 2 m at the bend (marked as a passing bay). There are two sections of wall, one being a supporting wall for a barn. Both walls are built of stone and we do not know the extent of any foundation. There is a drainage channel that runs under the verge and then leads into an open channel.

1) We would like clarification of the position of the boundary with the source of that information identified.
2) We are concerned that cutting back the verge to the walls will undermine the integrity of those walls.
3) We are concerned about the increased risk of damage to the walls by vehicles on Weston Farm Lane.
4) At the south end, the raised verge currently ensures that road users travelling south along Weston Farm Lane are guided away from the open channel.

We believe that there should be a reasonable margin between the edge of the road and the walls.

It looks like there may be similar issues with the proposed widening on the south side of the bend.
Kim 30 Mortimer Close, Upper Weston, Bath, Bath And North East Somerset, BA1 4EN O 07/02/2019: I live I this lane. It’s not wide enough for a double road.
Plus what about all the great created newts? I’ve seen loads on that lane, I thought they were protected?
David Collins 12 Mortimer Close, Upper Weston, Bath, Bath And North East Somerset, BA1 4EN O 10/02/2019: Having lived on Mortimer Close for 25 years my concerns are .
Flooding : We often suffer from flooding and water running down the lane. Our gardens are so soden in heavy rain its difficult to have decent grass after the winter months , I can only think this will be made worse if this development goes ahead.
Landscape: I regularly walk to Beckfords Tower from the Weal, When up there i look back at the landscape , We look to spot our house which can be seen but is not imposing on the view .
This development will be that much higher it will severely impact on beautiful countryside view it is supposed to be an area of outstanding natural beauty.
Traffic : This lane even with passing spaces will be dangerous for cyclist and pedestrians, it simply is not wide enough. also fumes will surely be a problem in this tree enclosed lane which i hope will not be removed because of the development. The Gardens that back onto this lane are very small and the traffic will definately have an adverse impact on them with noise and pollution again due to the enclose nature of this small lane.
Impact On Mortimer Close: As this lane is so narrow i believe pedestrians will use Mortimer Close to access the development making dangerous cut throughs onto a lane with no pedestrian access.
children do play in the fields adjoining the lane making dens and such like as kids do. This development will make this very dangerous.
Overall the access is to narrow to accommodate 26 new dwellings safely and the nature of the hills behind this development will cause more water damage to the existing houses and roads.
It will also be a massive blot on what is a beautiful landscape, I doubt William Beckford would have built his tower with the view you will be creating.

Stephen Goss 10 Mortimer Close, Upper Weston, Bath, Bath And North East Somerset, BA1 4EN O 10/02/2019: 1. The proposal states it is in compliance with BANES rules for affordable housing. Is this a commitment that will not be watered down at any point in the planning or development process as has seemed to have been the case with recent developments within BANES?

2. Although the development builds upon an already developed area I am concerned that the development of houses will encourage further encroachment of the green belt land surrounding it. I would like to see further assurances from the developer and the council that no further permissions would be given for any other development in the area.

3. The proposal states that there will be “sensitive improvements to Weston Farm Lane to provide appropriate access for pedestrians, cycles and pedestrians” which leads me to a number of access related questions:

3a. Given the number of bedrooms being planned, a total of 90, how many extra vehicles are you expecting to be part of the development?

3b. Given that access is via a single lane and the proposal is to use passing bays how are you expecting to be able to manage the construction traffic to and from the site where two vehicles come together?

3c. As passing lanes are part of the proposal how are you planning to include appropriate access for pedestrians as I am assuming there will not be space for a footpath and a passing lane noting that the other side of the road is currently used for flood water run off.

3d. How are you expecting emergency vehicles, especially fire engines, to access the site post development as I would assume they would be too large to use any passing bays.

3e. How are you expecting the rubbish and recycling vehicles to access the site post development as I would assume they would be too large to use any passing bays.

3f. One of the passing lanes in the proposal seems to use Mortimer Close. This is already a difficult junction to exit from and this suggestion will make it downright dangerous. How do you expect it to be used as a passing lane when cars are trying to exit Mortimer Close? This will become a pinch point as combined with the parking on Weston Farm Lane there will be nowhere for the traffic to move to.

3g. The proposal makes no mention of the fact that the two access roads to Weston Farm Lane are both single lane due to parking on the side of the road. Are any changes planned to parking rules on either the Weal or Eastfield Avenue? Are any changes planned to parking on Weston Farm Lane?

3h. A Previous development planned in the woods on Weston Farm Lane was previously rejected due to traffic concerns how is your proposal any different to the one previously rejected reguarding traffic?

4. Has there been any consideration given in the proposal to proving visitor parking? Mortimer Close or any of the surrounding roads provide no suitable on street parking.

5. Over the last few years there have been several flooding incidents stemming from water run off from the hill behind your proposal. What considerations have been given in your proposal to ensure that this situation is not made any worse by your proposal both for the development itself and current nearby residents.
Katharine Fry 8 Mortimer Close, Upper Weston, Bath, Bath And North East Somerset, BA1 4EN O 18/02/2019: As a resident of Mortimer Close, I object to the construction of 26 dwellings at Bath Equestrian Centre, Middle Hill, Weston Farm Lane, Upper Weston, Bath, BA1 4HL on the grounds of the poor access to the development site, its impact on local traffic, road safety, air pollution, noise and local flood risk and the encroaching development of green belt land.

The proposed development of 26 dwellings is planned to include parking spaces for 68 vehicles, which suggests a significant number of additional cars and other vehicles are to be expected in the area should the development go ahead. The documents suggest the new development will generate 124 trips to and from the development site along Weston Farm Lane per 12 hour period; a net increase of 116 trips per 12 hour period (7am-7pm). This is more than a five-fold increase on the current number of trips back and forth along Weston Farm Lane (currently 22 per 24 hour period) and an at least 27% increase on the number of trips along the Weal (currently 424 per 24 hour period). I am concerned that neither the Weal nor Weston Farm Lane are equipped to handle this increase in traffic volume, as one is a narrow single lane country lane/track and the other is a narrow residential street which is essentially single lane due to the vehicles parked along it, and is already struggling under the weight of current traffic.
I understand the proposed access solution is to create additional passing places on Weston Farm Lane however, I do not believe this will be sufficient due to the requisite spacing of passing places; particularly as in one place a culvert runs alongside one side of Weston Farm Lane and private housing runs along the other. I believe this and the increased traffic volume along the both Weston Farm Lane and the Weal will lead to more vehicles needing to turn, reverse and make complex manoeuvres in order to pass each other in what is proposed to be a pedestrian priority street and what is a residential street used by children, families and people with mobility scooters. As many recent accidents locally have involved people being hit by moving vehicles when attempting to cross from between parked cars or vehicles hitting parked cars, I believe the increased traffic and the increased challenges from more traffic needing to pass each other will significantly and detrimentally impact local road safety and may also deter people from walking to local amenities or allowing their children to go out and play. I also believe larger vehicles (construction lorries, householder vans, delivery vehicles, refuse trucks etc.) and emergency vehicles will struggle with the proposed access and add to the risk of deteriorating road safety.

I am also concerned about the increase in air pollution from the increase in traffic and construction. Whilst I do not expect the increase in air pollution from the increase in traffic to be significant generally, it may be significant to people like my husband and myself. We both have suffered from asthma. Mine has resolved since moving to Mortimer Close away from the traffic of other residential areas of Bath, but I am concerned it may relapse with this new development. His is ongoing and can be brittle, but it is again improved since living next to green belt land which is something that was a deliberate choice when buying this house. I am concerned that the increase in traffic will contribute to an increase in exhaust fumes, which may negatively affect his asthma and his health in the long term. He is likely to be much more susceptible to this following the construction phase of the development, which will quite obviously create dust and air pollution and almost certainly have a negative impact on his asthma. I imagine this construction phase will not be quick and the prolonged exposure could cumulatively worsen his asthma, which will certainly leave him more susceptible to other triggers such as the increased exhaust fumes. This is very worrying for us as his deteriorating asthma would significantly impact his health and our quality of life. I imagine any other local residents with respiratory conditions such as asthma and COPD, which are fairly common, would be similarly negatively affected in terms of health and wellbeing.

I am also concerned about the noise from the construction, the increased traffic and the additional residents. We deliberately live in a quiet street adjacent to green belt land. I work a range of shifts including night shifts and often need to sleep in the daytime in order to be able to do my job safely and effectively. I also suffer with migraines and need to rest in peace and quiet when I have one. I believe the construction in particular will be very disruptive to me and significantly affect my ability to get enough sleep for my general health and wellbeing, to prevent migraines and to do my job safely. The additional ongoing noise from the increased traffic and additional residences will cause long term additional disruption. I believe this would also affect other shift workers, older people and families with young children who need to sleep in the day time.

Furthermore, I am concerned that the proposed development will increase the flood risk to Mortimer Close and the Weal. The soil locally does not provide very good drainage as it is and, even with the use of permeable paving I believe the proposed development will significantly increase the risk of flooding as any rain water won’t be able to infiltrate into the ground and the surface water will simply accumulate and run off into neighbouring developments. Rain water from the fields already runs down the hill and into the proposed development site. I understand the proposed solution is to connect the development site to the existing system to run off surface water, but I am concerned this will not work as floods have already occurred in the existing system on a number of occasions, especially around the culvert on Weston Farm Lane and on the Weal. I am concerned that the development will put my property and local roads at an increased risk of flooding and increase the likelihood of this happening.

Finally, I am concerned about the development of green belt land. Whilst I appreciate that this is described as a re-development of an existing site which borders a housing estate, the proposed development is taking a rural equestrian centre and its outbuildings and converting them into a housing estate. I am concerned this sets a precedent that potentially ‘open the doors’ for further green belt development and expansion of housing estates into other green belt areas. I am also concerned that the development will negatively impact many of the views locally, along the Cotswold Way and along other footpaths and points of interest.

I unfortunately missed the opportunity to discuss these concerns at the public consultation, as I did not receive advance (or any) notification of it (although the GPS shows leaflet delivery in my area). I did receive a card directing me to the Stride Treglown website, but I could not find the relevant information on the site and no supporting information or guidance was included.

NB: personal health information disclosed voluntarily due to relevance and with consent.
Clare Tozer 6 Mortimer Close, Upper Weston, Bath, Bath And North East Somerset, BA1 4EN O 15/02/2019: I object to this application on two counts: the number of dwellings to be built; and the sole access to and fro being via Weston Farm Lane and The Weal - with that number of dwellings the volume of traffic will increase considerably (likely x2 cars per household) and Weston Farm Lane will become a 'rat-run' with drivers not taking due care - it will be an accident waiting to happen. 15/02/2019
Martin Vince 33 Eastfield Avenue, Upper Weston, Bath, Bath And North East Somerset, BA1 4HH O 13/02/2019: The proposed application would have a major impact and add to the congestion in the village which is already struggling to cope with amount of vehicles using it on a daily basis.
Added pollution must also be a factor to be considered as is the risk of additional flooding.
The alteration accidentally or on purpose of the natural water coarse could have severe consequences for the residents of Mortimer close.
Karen Gautier 24 Mortimer Close, Upper Weston, Bath, Bath And North East Somerset, BA1 4EN O Documents Tab 19/02/2019
Mr Colin Leslie Upham 69 Eastfield Avenue, Upper Weston, Bath, Bath And North East Somerset, BA1 4HH R Documents Tab 11/02/2019
Mr R B Long 54 Eastfield Avenue, Upper Weston, Bath, Bath And North East Somerset, BA1 4HJ O Documents Tab 19/02/2019
Peter Sims 2 Countess Chapel, Trafalgar Road, BA14EW, O 13/02/2019: Further housing in this area will increase traffic in an already congested area. It will impact on the access roads which are virtually all single lane from the Weal down to Trafalgar Road.
The narrow roads are often blocked by Heavy/ large vehicles which seem set to be an increasing problem. The proposal will also impact on the countryside to the detriment of everyone.
Robert Murton 8 The Weal, Upper Weston, Bath, Bath And North East Somerset, BA1 4EX O 16/02/2019: I object to this planning application on the grounds of only one road access, the increase of traffic, highway safety and the destruction of nature. Firstly there is apparently only the one access via The weal and Weston Farm Lane. Both of these are fairly quiet country lanes not designed for excess traffic and infact The Weal already has a problem being used as a rabbit run with speeding cars! The idea of carving up swathes of roadside trees and hedgerows on Weston Farm Lane to allow traffic to pass is also objectionable showing such a road is not designed to take such traffic and certainly not buses as shown on applicants plans. Not to mention the problems that will be caused with works traffic during a construction period. Secondly there are a large number of families in these two roads so increasing the traffic flow by a possible 50 odd vehicles is a real safety issue. Again quiet country lanes not designed for lots of traffic. On mentioning these concerns to the applicants during their consultation it was mentioned that 'studies' had been done saying increased traffic and speeding wont be a significant problem. Not an experience of anybody now actually living in these roads let alone with increases in traffic. I think most people will be objecting strongly to this application. 16/02/2019
Alison Holman 11 Prospect Place, Upper Weston, Bath, Bath And North East Somerset, BA1 4EU R 17/02/2019: Dear Sir/Madam

I am writing to object to this planning application on the basis that;
- the resultant road access and egress for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists to the proposed site is very limited.
- the increase in vehicles will lead to further congestion, noise pollution, air pollution and danger to pedestrians and cyclists who use the adjoining roads.
- the Weal is used as a short cut from Lansdown Lane to Weston Village and central Bath and the proposals will add vehicles to this 'rat run' which was not originally designed for this level of traffic
- the Weal is a narrow single width road due to existing parked vehicles, arising from a lack of residential parking. The existing traffic using this thoroughfare often moves too fast for the weather, safety and day/night conditions and any increase in traffic along this road will heighten the risk of potential damage and injury.
- Some housing along the Weal has no pavement therefore residents step directly into the road in order to cross over to pavements and then access local shops and facilities, this already puts them at risk from the existing fast moving traffic.
- I have no objection to the proposed dwellings however would want to see a provision for environmental and safety issues i.e wider roads, traffic calming and pedestrian and cycle ways. If this is not possible the proposed access and egress is potentially dangerous.

Yours faithfully
Alison Holman

Steve Skinner 12 Napier Road, Upper Weston, Bath, Bath And North East Somerset, BA1 4LN O 17/02/2019: The roads in the area surrounding this proposed development cannot support the current level of traffic / car ownership and certainly cannot cope with more. Eastfield Avenue and The Weal already have a virtual continuous line of parked cars on one side. As these roads can only accommodate 2 car widths in the case of Eastfield Avenue there is now often pavement parking on the other side of the road to the line of parked cars. There is no room for vehicles to pass without mounting the pavement. This is also a bus route, if this development is allowed the increase traffic will cause more congestion and danger to pedestrians.

It is stated that children from the new development will be within walking distance of school. This may be the case but I doubt this will happen. Did the traffic engineers look at the existing situation with Weston All Saints School? At start and close of day there is a long line of cars parked on the pavement in Lansdown Lane (dropping off and picking up children) both above and below the site of the serious accident 4 years ago. Parents / carers also ignore the double yellow lines on the junction with Lansdown Lane and Brookfield Park. Broadmoor Lane is also severally congested at these times.The number of parents / carers using cars to bring children back and forwards to school has increased dramatically in the past 5 years. To say that parents will walk to school with children is just not correct and the increase in traffic around the school bears this out. Ironically some parents try to justify car use by saying they use the car as it is not safe to walk due to the amount of traffic and the dangers that this presents.

I object to this application on the basis of the increase in traffic, highways and road safety issue it will create.

Catharine Stokes 6 Trafalgar Road, Upper Weston, Bath, Bath And North East Somerset, BA1 4EW O 14/02/2019: I object to the application as the inevitable increase in traffic, as it goes to and from Weston Farm Lane, will have a direct impact on Trafalgar Road which is very narrow, and already has a lot of traffic in the rush hours, most of which drives over the speed limit. 14/02/2019
Anne Hazell 7 Trafalgar Road, Upper Weston, Bath, Bath And North East Somerset, BA1 4EW O 14/02/2019: I do not know if the area of land assigned to this application is really suitable for 26 dwellings.
My main concern is the poor traffic access to the properties via Weston Farm Lane coming out onto the Weal. The increase in traffic onto this already narrow road will cause havoc, either by going out onto Eastfield Avenue, a bus route, or down onto Brookfield Park/Trafalgar Road which has very few passing places.
Thank you.

Sarah Gleave Not Given R Documents Tab 10/02/2019
Mark Higginson 7 Chilton Road, Fairfield Park, Bath, Bath And North East Somerset, BA1 6DR O Documents Tab 10/02/2019
Andrew Brigden 11 Brookfield Park, Upper Weston, Bath, Bath And North East Somerset, BA1 4JE O 10/02/2019: This development is too large for the site and highway infrastructure to accommodate. The use of Weston Farm Lane for access will put to much strain on this quite side street where children play. The conversion of the horse riding centre to residential use will permanently deprive Weston of the opportunity once again have a much needed leisure facility. 10/02/2019
L Giles Holmlea, 9B Prospect Place, Upper Weston, Bath, BA1 4EU, O 19/02/2019: I wish to strongly object to the proposed development of 26 houses accessed by Weston Farm Lane.
As a resident of The Weal for 20 years, I have seen countless occasions where large vehicles have become stuck attempting to navigate the narrow road and sharp bends. These large vehicles already endanger the cars parked along the road and many have been damaged over the years. As many of the properties do not benefit from off-road parking, there will continue to be a need for on street parking, limiting the road to single width.
Weston Farm lane itself is already difficult to access with a family car, due to the tight turn when approaching from Eastfiel Avenue and is a very narrow lane along its length, totally unsuited to construction traffic. Any proposal to widen the lane would destroy the country feel of the area and totally alter the peace and privacy of the environment for residents of Weston Farm Lane and Mortimer Close.
The additional traffic once the development is completed would also be unmanageable for the narrow roads of The Weal and Trafalgar Road and result in endless traffic jams as it is not possible or desirable to widen these roads to accommodate extra traffic. Even Eastfield Avenue is essentially a single lane route, due to parked vehicles and already suffers significant congestion without the additional traffic from construction or future residents.
Andrew Hoyes 13 Prospect Place, Upper Weston, Bath, Bath And North East Somerset, BA1 4EU O 19/02/2019: Development on this site is inappropriate and potentially illegal. The site is within the Green Belt and part of the Cotswolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). The NPPF requires exceptional circumstances to be demonstrated for development in the Green Belt and in this case no exceptional circumstances exist. In 2014 Simon Emerson the Government Planning Inspector stated in his Core Strategy Final Report, Page 3, Technical Summary "The Council had proposed a change to make a fifth strategic housing allocation requiring land to be removed from the Green Belt at Weston, Bath. That proposal has not been recommended as a modification to the submitted plan as the exceptional circumstances necessary to change Green Belt boundaries and to justify major development in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty are not met in that location for the scale of development proposed". No new exceptional circumstances have emerged since 2014; in fact national statistics recently published by the CPRE show that demand for new housing is slowing down. B&NES Council has also recognised that it already has enough strategic and small sites planned to meet the needs of housing numbers in their Local Plan 2016 - 2036 and there is no need to build on the Green Belt or within the Cotswolds AONB. This application should be rejected. 19/02/2019