Licensing Applications. (Reference:16/00674/GAPREM)

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Applicant Name:Saw Close Casino Limited
Type of Application:Transfer of Gambling - Premises
Status:Licence Issued
Details:Small Casino
Trading As:Saw Close Casino Limited
Address:Ground, First & Second Floors, Sawclose, Bath, BA1 1EY
Current Case Officer:Cath Brown

All licences are either granted or refused under delegated authority given to the Licensing Officer or Manager. Any contentious applications are referred to the Licensing Sub Committee for determination, details of which can be found on the Council’s website.

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Date Received:04/02/2016
Date Validated:04/02/2016
Last Date for Representations:03/03/2016
Decision Date:22/12/2017
Date Issued:01/09/2016
Commencement Date:22/12/2017
5 storey development will be part new build part refurbishment of existing building. Hotel 146 rooms, restaurant on ground floor, and casino on ground, first and second floor.
Summary of the Terms and Conditions of the Premises Licence1. The premises licence will run in perpetuity unless:- the Secretary of State prescribes a period after which the licence will expire under section 191 of the Gambling Act 2005;- the licence holder surrenders the licence under section 192 of the Gambling Act 2005- the licence lapses under section 194 of the Gambling Act 2005;- the licence is revoked under section 193 or 202(1) of the Gambling Act 2005.2. The premises licence applies only in relation to the premises specified in Part 2 of the licence and may not be varied so that it applies to any other premises (except in the case of a converted casino premises licence).3. A summary of the terms and conditions of the premises licence shall be displayed in a prominent place within the premises.The layout of the premises shall be maintained in accordance with the plan.The premises shall not be used for the sale of tickets in a private lottery or customer lottery or the sale of tickets in any other lottery in respect of which the sale of tickets on the premises is otherwise prohibited.The principal entrance to the premises shall be from a street. No entrance to the premises shall be from premises that are used wholly or mainly by children, by young persons, or by both. No customer shall be able to enter the premises directly from any other premises in respect of which a licence issued under Part 8 of the Act, or a permit issued under Schedule 10, 12 or 13 to the Act, has effect. A gap of at least 2 metres shall be maintained between any ordinary gaming table and any other equipment, apparatus or structure used by a person to gamble on the premises. No more than 40 separate player positions may be made available for use in relation to wholly automated gaming tables at any time. The rules of each type of casino game that is available to be played on the premises shall be displayed in a prominent place within both the table gaming area and other gambling area of the premises to which customers wishing to use facilities for gambling have unrestricted access. The condition may be satisfied by (a) displaying a clear and legible sign setting out the rules; or (b) making available to customers, leaflets or other written material containing the rules. Any ATM made available for use on the premises shall be located in a place that requires any customer who wishes to use it to cease gambling at any gaming table, gaming machine or betting machine in order to do so. 4. The premises licence is subject to: - any conditions specified on the face of the licence as being attached under section 169(1)(a) of the Gambling Act 2005;- any other conditions attached to the licence by virtue of regulations made under sections 167 and 168 of the Gambling Act 2005 (other than any conditions under section 168 which have been excluded by the licensing authority); and- any conditions attached to the licence by virtue of specific provisions of the Gambling Act 2005.5. In particular, it is a condition of the premises licence under section 185 of the Gambling Act 2005 that the holder keeps the licence on the premises and arranges for it to be made available on request to a constable, enforcement officer or local authority officer. The holder of the licence commits an offence if he fails to comply with this condition.

Subject to the Council's standard terms and conditions where applicable.